The Biden Justice Department And The Legacy Media Are Hoping You Will Lose Interest In The Rapidly Escalating Joe Biden Classified Documents Scandal

Attorney General Merrick Garland, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, claimed on Monday his department has not applied a double standard of justice to President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal after reportedly agreeing with Biden’s personal lawyers to hide the scandal from the American people.

We are watching an amazing thing unfolding before our eyes, the gaslighting of an entire nation into thinking that there’s no ‘there there’ s it relates to corrupt pretend president Joe Biden and his burgeoning classified documents scandal. Attorney General Merrick Garland went on television and said, with a straight face mind you, that there is no ‘double standard of justice’ in this situation and that the law is applied equally. Your father’s mustache, Merrick Garland, you are orchestrating a coverup.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2 (KJB)

The only question here is, will the American people idly sit by and watching this dog-and-pony show without standing up to rebuke it? Joe Biden, his non-justice Justice Department, and the the legacy media are working overtime to make this go away, and they are counting on your apathy to make that possible. They covered it up days before the Midterm elections, and they continue to try and sweep each new incursion under the rug.  Bombard them on social media, call your elected officials, raise a stink about this and do not let them get away with it. We will be reposting this article everywhere we can, please do the same. Let Merrick Garland know that even in America’s fallen condition, there are some of us left who will not sit back and do nothing.

Merrick Garland Claims No Double Standard of Justice in Biden’s Classified Doc Scandal

FROM BREITBART NEWS: “We do not have different rules for Democrats or Republicans, different rules for the powerful or the powerless, different rules for the rich and for the poor, we apply the facts, and the law in each case in a neutral, non-partisan manner,” Merrick Garland alleged to reporters during a press availability at Justice Department headquarters. “That is what we always do.”

But according to establishment media reports, along with examining the timeline of events, Merrick Garland appears to have handled the Mar-a-Lago raid much differently than the investigation of Biden.

According to the Washington Post, not only did the White House and DOJ try to obscure the scandal from public view, but they also refused to divulge that the second trove of classified documents was already unearthed at Biden’s home in Wilmington when CBS News first contacted the White House about the initial leak of classified documents apparently illegally stored at the Biden Penn Center.

The White House made no public announcement of the discovery, which comes a week before critical midterm elections, and at a time when Biden’s Republican predecessor Donald Trump is being investigated for his mishandling of hundreds of classified files.

“Early on, Biden’s attorneys and Justice Department investigators both thought they had a shared understanding about keeping the matter quiet,” the Post admitted, noting the Biden administration’s attempt to conceal revelations of the second trove of stashed documents.

The New York Times reported that “the quiet cooperation continued for weeks” between the aides and the DOJ.

After the initial discovery on November 2, Biden’s personal attorneys told the DOJ that the only location where troves of classified were stored was at the Penn Biden Center, the New York Times reported Sunday. That fact turned out to be incorrect when multiple troves of classified materials were later found. Only after additional documents were found at Biden’s residence did the DOJ request to search the home, which turned up more documents.

On January 9, the scandal was leaked to CBS News. Republican lawmakers believe if the scandal was not leaked, the American people would not know of Biden’s wrongdoing. White House officials are reportedly suspicious about how Biden’s classified document scandal was leaked to the press after only a select group of White House and DOJ officials knew about the violation.

It’s unclear why Biden’s personal attorneys were initially searching for his illegally stashed documents. The White House and DOJ have failed to provide the initial reason or cause for the search. READ MORE

Merrick Garland Gaslighting The America People To Protect Joe Biden

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., suspects the Biden family’s business relations with China started ‘as long as Joe Biden’s been in office.’

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