Bioterrorist Bill Gates Tells Australia The Next Pandemic Will Be Man Made, Praises Nations Like China Who Forced Draconian COVID Lockdowns

Tech billionaire and bioterrorist Bill Gates has warned Australia to be ready for the next pandemic, which could be man-made and far more brutal.

The more you listen to Bill Gates talk about infectious diseases, the more you come to realize that he seems to be obsessed with the idea of bioterrorists unleashing deadly pathogens on an unsuspecting global population. You listen to his 2015 TED Talk about the ‘coming pandemic’, you watch his very odd gathering in 2019 called ‘Event 201’ where he predicts a global virus outbreak, and then you watch how just a few months later these things magically seem to come to pass. At what point do you understand that he’s the bioterrorist?

“Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.” Habakkuk 1:5 (KJB)

If Bill Gates could push a button and have his will completely enacted on the world, everyone would be aborting their babies, everyone would have an implantable digital identification, and everyone would receive regular injections of the concoctions he has dreamt up to ‘save society’. If would history teaches us anything, it’s that we should never trust the funny sounding little man with the messianic complex who has acquired vast wealth and want to remake the world. That’s always the bad guy. But then again, as German philosopher Georg Hegel famously said, “The only thing that we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.”

Bill Gates warns Australia to prepare for the next pandemic – which could be man-made and far more brutal than Covid

FROM DAILY MAIL UK: Bill Gates told the Lowy Institute think tank in Sydney on Monday that political leaders needed to set aside their differences and work together to prepare for the next virus. He called for greater global cooperation using the Covid-19 pandemic as an example of how countries could improve on their response if they worked together. ‘Compare the economic cost of being prepared for the next one to the cost of this one, over $US10trillion economic loss,’ he said.

‘With the pandemic we were foolish not to have the tools, the practice and global capacity to be on standby like we do with fire or earthquakes.’

Mr. Gates praised Australia’s policies in helping to keep infection rates low before vaccines were rolled out.

‘Some of the things that stand out are that Australia and about seven other countries did population scale diagnostics early on and had quarantine policies,’ he said. ‘That meant you kept the level of infection low in that first year when there were no vaccines.’

The Microsoft founder turned philanthropist said a stable international order based on mutual political will is needed in order to deal with future pandemics. Mr. Gates advocated for a bolstering of resources to the international health body.

He also said US policy, and by extension Australia’s, towards China needed a more conciliatory and cooperative political approach in tackling major problems such as climate change.

‘I see China’s rise as a huge win for the world … the current mentality of the US to China, and which is reciprocated, is kind of a lose-lose mentality. That could be very self-fulfilling in a very negative way’.

Bill Gates on Saturday met with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at Kirribilli House in Sydney to discuss climate change, health and energy challenges. READ MORE

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