A Vintage Mister Rogers Neighborhood Video Called ‘Everybody’s Fancy’ Causes Transgender Hysteria On Social Media Over Gender Identity Issues

An old video of beloved children’s television host Mister Rogers talking about boys being boys and girls being girls ‘from the beginning’ has gone viral, with some fans calling it a warning against transgenderism.

Just about everyone I know has fond memories of watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood when they were younger, a sweet, old-fashioned show about friends, family and the issues of life. One of those issues Mister Rogers addressed back in 1980 was the issue of gender. He sang a song called ‘Everybody’s Fancy’ about the immutability of the only two genders God created, emphatically speaking about the impossibility of one gender becoming another gender. This song raised exactly zero issues in 1980, here in 2023 Liberal heads are exploding. Fred Rogers was a Presbyterian minister, and the line of his song that says ‘Boys are boys from the beginning‘ is a beautiful hat-tip to the King James Bible.

“But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.” Mark 10:6 (KJB)

Part of the religion of the coming Antichrist is all the sickness and perversion we see everyday in the newspaper, like gender identity and transgender medical mutilation. If Mister Rogers Neighborhood was still on the air today, he would not be a beloved and fatherly figure, he would be booted off, cancelled, doxxed, and driven out of society on a rail. Was Mister Rogers warning us about the current transgender darkness? Sure looks like it. America has come a long way since Mister Rogers, and all of it down.

Vintage Mister Rogers Video Goes Viral amid Transgender Hysteria: ‘Boys Are Boys from the Beginning’

FROM BREITBART NEWS: The clip of Fred Rogers (a.k.a. Mister Rogers) first made the rounds on TikTok before moving onto Twitter and showed him singing his song, Everybody’s Fancy, about the differences between the biological sexes.

“Boys are boys from the beginning. If you were born a boy, you stay a boy. Girls are girls right from the start. If you were born a girl, you stay a girl, and grow up to be a lady. Everybody’s fancy, Everybody’s fine. Your body’s fancy and so is mine,” he sings in the more than 40-year-old song.

“Only girls can be the mommies. Only boys can be the daddies,” he also sings.

Another clip also resurfaced in which Fred Rogers appeared on late-night with Johnny Carson where he seemingly hinted that the song intended to teach kids about the differences of biological sexes to dispel any ideas about becoming or changing into something else.

“Sometimes children think that they might change — they might have to change after a while,” he said. “And you know, we laugh about that now, but it’s because we had that concern when we were little.”

“Yeah, because you’re really not sure and you thought maybe you’d become a girl, or a girl would become a boy, right?” Johnny Carson said in jest.

“Exactly,” responded Fred Rogers.

What the actual Fred Rogers thought of transgenderism nobody will ever know. In some ways, the resurfaced clip echoes a previous clip from woke leftist Bill Nye speaking of biological sex long before he went full-throttle pro-transgender on his Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World.

“Inside each of our cells are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl. Your mom has two X chromosomes in all of her cells, and your dad has one X and one Y chromosome in each of his cells…X you’re a girl, Y you’re a boy,” he said on his show. READ MORE

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