White Hat Officers “Detained” After Failing Polygraphs

Gen. Eric M. Smith on Friday ordered the detention of two White Hat officers after learning they had failed two consecutive polygraphs aimed at figuring out whether they were Constitutionalists or secretly loyal to the criminal Biden regime, sources in the general’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported in December, Gen. Smith said he would add polygraphs to his arsenal of tools to expose traitors. He enacted that pledge two weeks ago, having recruited leading NCIS polygraphers to test what could amount to over 1,000 armed forces members. According to our source, the general is randomly and dispassionately deciding which officers get polygraphed first, since he has no clear proof that any one of them is a traitor.

Our source could not say how many men have been tested to date; however, a captain and a 1st lieutenant, all stationed at Lackland AFB, failed multiple times last week. They had been given a few hours advance notice and did not object to the test.

No officer, our source said, is judged on a single failed test; if one fails, he is given a day to “calm down”—a fairly customary practice in law enforcement—before getting tested again. If one fails two consecutive polygraphs, he is considered “deceptive,” and only in rare cases is a third test administered. Polygraphs measure three biometrics: blood pressure, respiration, and skin conductivity. When administered by a competent, unbiased examiner, polygraphs are deemed 87-95% accurate, and respondent’s answers are converted to scores on a 5-position scale, and attitudes thereby quantified: –6 (strongly deceptive), -2 (deceptive), -1 (somewhat deceptive), 0 (neutral), +1 (somewhat truthful), +2 (truthful), and +6 (strongly truthful.)

The Lackland captain scored a -7 and a -10, respectively; in other words, he bottomed out.

  • Our source supplied example questions:
  • Have you upheld your Constitutional oath?
  • Do you recognize Joseph R. Biden as the lawfully elected President of the United States?
  • Have you corresponded with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in the last 18 months?
  • Have you discussed White Hat operations with unauthorized persons?
  • Have you disobeyed orders passed down from General David H. Berger at any point?
  • Have you betrayed the White Hats?
  • Do you intend to betray General Eric M. Smith?
  • Have you answered truthfully to all exam questions?

Our source said that the captain answered “untruthfully” to those questions on both exams.

The lieutenant was asked similar questions and failed miserably.

Since polygraphs are inadmissible in law courts, Gen. Smith will not rely on them exclusively to gauge an officer’s guilt or innocence. However, he has ordered that the two officers be “detained” until his liaison arrives at Lackland this week to interrogate them.

Also, there’s a lot of “balloon” frenzy going on right now. We all know the regime claims to have shot down one off the coast of South Carolina. If so, it was a second, or even third, balloon. White Hats say a balloon was downed in Montana, as witnessed by residents of Billings.