Putin Intercepts Adrenochrome Shipment Headed to United States

Russian Special Forces in Ukraine have intercepted a refrigerated tractor-trailer that was hauling refined Adrenochrome from Ukraine to Warsaw, Poland, where the shipment would have been loaded onto planes headed for the United States, a Russian FSB agent, Andrei Zakharov, told Real Raw News.

As reported last month, the FSB claimed that “Deep State” Adrenochrome manufacturers in the United States became so fearful of military retaliation that they set up shop in Eastern European countries, especially Ukraine, sympathetic to the criminal Biden regime. In January, Spetznas rescued 50 imprisoned, emaciated children from an “Adrenochrome farm” near Shostka, Ukraine. Their captors had so frequently drained their brittle bodies of blood and adrenal fluid that their survival depended on being kept in a medically induced coma, fed intravenously. Zakharov said that five of the 50 have perished due to wounds sustained in captivity.

Under Putin’s orders, the FSB has since launched a widespread initiative to track and eliminate Adrenochrome manufacturers, sellers, buyers, middlemen, and anyone involved in the production and export of a pharmaceutical cocktail Putin has called “the devil’s work.” Zakharov said that the Russian president had formed an “Adrenochrome taskforce” comprised of special agents and handpicked Spetznas to tackle the growing crisis.

The task force scored a victory on Sunday, capturing an 18-wheeler filled with chilled Adrenochrome that could have reached the shores of the United States. The intercept reportedly took place along P94–a roadway stretching from southern Ukraine to Brest, a border city and checkpoint with points of egress leading to Warsaw, Poland—and included at least a dozen Spetznas and FSB operatives.

Zakharov wouldn’t say how they learned of the shipment or why the team seized the truck on the highway instead of at its departure point, but he did say a cargo manifest identified the truck’s contents as Penicillin and other injectable antibiotics. Ukraine’s principal exports are agricultural products, not medicine.

“If we are slaughtering Ukrainian citizens, as Zelenskyy says, why would he send medicine out of the country? It Makes no sense. The trailer had no medicine, only Adrenochrome poison,” Zakharov said.

Spetznas held the driver and a passenger at gunpoint while inspecting the truck. According to Zakharov, the task force has been trained to visually identify Adrenochrome without laboratory tests. Whether an infusion or an injection, the liquid is slightly viscous, scintillates when exposed to sunlight, and has an almost imperceptible red tint, Zakharov said.

The truck’s occupants, Ukrainian citizens, wouldn’t cooperate and were shot on the spot as war criminals, per Vladimir Putin’s standing orders.

“These filth deserve no mercy,” Zakharov said. “They are agents of evil.”

He added that the task force took samples for chemical analysis before torching the semi.

The manifest said the shipment was to be taken to Warsaw International Airport and loaded aboard an Atlas Air cargo plane bound for Dover International Airport in Delaware.

Note: We have yet to confirm this story through domestic sources. In the past, Vladimir Putin has shared details on Adrenochrome interdictions with President Trump. We hope that our Mar-a-Lago sources hear of such a conversation, and if so, we’ll update this story as appropriate.