Watch Bill Johnson Of Bethel Church Talking About ‘The Miracle’ At James River Church Of A Woman With 3 Amputated Toes That Amazingly Grew Back

Did Bethel Church pastor Bill Johnson witness a miracle of amputated toes growing back on Krissy Thompson while he preached at James River Church?

Meet Bill Johnson. He is the ‘pastor’ of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and he has seen ‘hundreds of miracles’ take place at a recent meeting at the James River Church. One of these ‘miracles’ was so incredible that he talked about it in detail. A woman named Krissy Thompson had had 3 toes amputated, and on this particular night, when Bill Johnson was speaking, her missing toes miraculously grew back. There was a brief period of praising the Lord, then everyone went about their business. Sounds legit.

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 11:13 (KJB)

Now a web site has sprung up called Show Me The Toes, exhorting anyone connected to the toe growing miracle to reach out with proof of some kind. You would think that a miracle of that caliber, missing bodily appendages growing back spontaneously, would be the top story on all news programs, all social media sites, and certainly in all medical journals anywhere in the world. Yet, amazingly, no one including Krissy Thompson, wants to ‘show us the toes’. Why? Because it never happened, that’s why.

Watch Bill Johnson as he ever-so-calmly ticks off an seemingly endless menu of miracles, in the cool, measured tones of a professional salesman. 3 amputated toes grow back? Ho-hum, all in a day’s work for Anointed Man, the newest addition to the MCU. This man watched nothing of the kind, for had he actually seen that, he would be jumping out of his skin with excitement as anyone who would have witnessed such a thing would do. On a side note, Bill Johnson is talking about the miracle of the regrown toes, yet he still needs glasses to see. Isn’t that odd?

Christian, it is time to stop being so tolerant of the false claims of the Laodicean Church, call them out on their foolishness, and at the very least demand they start providing us with proof of these miracles. I say the toes did not regrow and they will not be providing us with any proof they did. Bill Johnson, you are a liar, and you know none of this ever happened. And to Krissy Thompson, the woman with the ‘miracle toes’, let me just lovingly and gently urge to you repent of this story. I know you got pulled into the ‘spirit’ of the moment, and you want this to be true, but it’s not, and that ‘spirit’ leading you was not the Holy Spirit. You will help a lot of people come to the truth by exposing this, we will be praying for you.

Bethel Church has long been a cesspool of Laodicean nonsense, including but not limited to condoning witchcraft, casting demons into people, and attempting to raise the dead. God is still doing miracles here at the close of the Church Age, but don’t go looking for them at Bethel because they’re not there.


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