The Climate Change Religion Movement Is Planning On Implementing ‘Degrowth Communism’ To Take Away ‘Luxuries’ Like Air Conditioning, Cars And Steak

The Degrowth Movement for Climate Change has swelled in recent years, particularly in Europe and in academic circles, now it’s been linked up with Communism. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Make no mistake about it, the Climate Change Movement as it exists around the world in 2024 is very much a religion, and within that context, its adherents are working feverishly to bring in an eco-theocracy. The object of worship is, of course, the divine feminine in the form of ‘Mother Earth’, and now a new group called the ‘Degrowth Movement’ combines Agenda 2030 with Communism. Doesn’t that sound exciting? It does if you’re Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab. Say hello to the ‘new guy’, Kohei Saito

“And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:” Revelation 9:20 (KJB)

Of course, all of this is leading us towards Communism, towards the enslavement warned about in books like ‘1984’ that was written by a Socialist who saw the handwriting on the wall. The concept of man-made climate change is a hoax, not even close to being true on any level. But it makes an excellent cudgel with which to batter your fellow man into submission. According to their own evolutionist doctrines, the most climate change happened in the Neoproterozoic Period 600 million years ago when the planet was much warmer than today. In the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum Period around 92 million years ago, another heat spike. And in the Younger Dryas Period of about 12,000 years ago, things abruptly cooled off. Ice Age. You will note that none of these periods were affected by anything man was or was not doing. So whether it’s C40 Cites, eating bugs instead of steak, Degrowth Communism, Climate Change, Agenda 2030, or the Great Reset, it all comes from the same people, and takes you the same place. That’s the memo, Comrade.

Is America Ready for ‘Degrowth Communism’?

FROM MICROSOFT START: The theory has dramatic implications. Instead of finding carbon-neutral ways to power our luxurious modern lifestyles, degrowth would require us to surrender some material comforts. One leading proponent suggests imposing a hard cap on total national energy use, which would ratchet down every year. Energy-intensive activities might be banned outright or taxed to near oblivion. (Say goodbye, perhaps, to hamburgers, SUVs, and your annual cross-country flight home for the holidays.) You’d probably be prohibited from setting the thermostat too cold in summer or too warm in winter. To keep frivolous spending down, the government might decide which products are “wasteful” and ban advertising for them. Slower growth would require less labor, so the government would shorten the workweek and guarantee a job for every person.

Saito did not invent degrowth, but he has put his own spin on it by adding the C word – Communism

As for what kind of “communism” we’re talking about, Saito tends to emphasize workers’ cooperatives and generous social-welfare policies rather than top-down Leninist state control of the economy. He says he wants democratic change rather than revolution—though he’s fuzzy on how exactly you get people to vote for shrinkage.

This message has found an enthusiastic audience. Saito’s 2020 book, Capital in the Anthropocene, sold half a million copies. He took a job at the prestigious University of Tokyo and became a regular commentator on Japanese TV—one of the few far-left talking heads in that country’s conservative media sphere. When we met up in April, he was touring the northeastern U.S. to promote the new English translation of the book, titled Slow Down: The Degrowth Manifesto, and planning to appear on a series of panels at Georgetown University to discuss his ideas. One day during his New York stint, we visited the pro-Palestinian protests at Columbia University, where a young protester named Tianle Zhang spotted him and waved him over, telling Saito he’s the reason he’s applying to graduate school. They took a selfie together, and Saito posted it on X.

Saito’s haters are just as passionate as his admirers. The right-wing podcaster James Lindsay recently dedicated a three-hour episode to what he called Saito’s “death cult.” Liberals who favor renewable energy and other technologies say Saito’s ideas would lead to stagnation. On the pro-labor left, Jacobin magazine published multiple articles criticizing degrowth in general and Saito in particular, calling his vision a “political disaster” that would hurt the working class. And don’t get the Marxist textualists started; they accuse Saito of distorting the great man’s words in order to portray Marx as the OG degrowth communist.

On a recent Saturday, Saito sat onstage at the People’s Forum, a community center in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, along with three other panelists: a historian, a geographer, and a journalist from The New Republic. It was a friendly crowd, but each of the panelists cast gentle doubt on Saito’s pitch. The historian said he’d like to see more modeling of the impact of degrowth policies; the geographer wondered how a degrowth agenda would ever expand beyond small, local experiments; and the journalist, Kate Aronoff, suggested that degrowth had a branding problem.

Saito had just begun his U.S. tour, and he was already encountering more resistance than he’d expected. “One thing surprising about American culture is they’re really anti-degrowth,” Saito told me after the event, as we walked along a chaotic stretch of 9th Avenue. READ MORE

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