President Trump Issues Statement Asking “Where Did These ‘Votes’ Come From?” In Reference To Massive Early Morning Ballot Drops In Key States

( Exclusive) – In the months since the 2020 stolen election, there seems to only be one state with a legislature determined to expose the truth. The Arizona Senate Republicans have been adamant in their fight for election integrity.

They haven’t just chalked 2020 up to a loss and focused on future elections. They’ve been fighting tooth and nail for a legitimate full-scale audit of the election results from Arizona’s largest county, Maricopa County.

The audit will inevitably reveal fraud and that the entire election was stolen from the American people. It has already exposed the fact that the Maricopa County Elections Board had turned over administrative control to Dominion.

Arizona audit director Ken Bennett explained to One America News that the MCEB cannot provide them with the password to access the highest levels of the administrative functions in the election machines system.

The reason they “can’t” provide the password is because they don’t have it, only Dominion does and they’re not cooperating.

It’s time for state legislatures in all of the contested states to muster up the grit and tenacity to fight for the truth and actually do something about it.

While Americans want more secure future elections and appreciate the efforts lawmakers have made to ensure that, it doesn’t substitute for exposing the truth of the 2020 election.

It is the duty of elected state representatives to find out what really happened in their states. Americans deserve to know the truth.

The election was brazenly stolen from the American people. It wasn’t even subtle. On the morning of November 4th, 2020 tens of millions of Americans watched as Joe Biden was declared the winner of numerous states that President Trump had been leading in big ways.

Early on the morning of November 4, over 100,000 votes miraculously showed up in Wisconsin, giving Joe Biden the lead in the state. The same thing happened in state after state.

Michigan saw an early morning vote dump that gave Biden the lead. Pennsylvania eventually went to Biden after he somehow overcame a 700,000 vote deficit. Even Georgia ended up going blue along with Arizona.

None of it made any sense to anyone watching and it was never supposed to. The rig was in and the left knew that nobody had the power or the courage to challenge it.

They were right. As of today, the only audit of the results is happening in Arizona and the left is fighting it with all they’ve got.

Other than that, no other state legislature has stood up and determined to fight to expose the truth that we all already know.

President Trump has been essentially fighting the fraudulent election single-handedly with the support of a small circle of allies. On Friday morning, Trump shared a message with those still standing by him:

At 6:31 in the morning on November 4th, a dump of 149,772 votes came in to the State of Michigan. Biden received 96% of those votes and the State miraculously went to him. Has the Michigan State Senate started their review of the Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 yet, or are they about to start? If not, they should be run out of office. Likewise, at 3:42 in the morning, a dump of 143,379 votes came in to the state of Wisconsin, also miraculously, given to Biden. Where did these “votes” come from? Both were State Election changing events, and that is on top of the other corruption without even including the fact that neither state got Legislative approval, which is required under the United States Constitution.

There is just no excuse for Republicans in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan not to demand a full audit on the election results.

These ballot dumps were so obviously fraudulent. It is downright shameful that elected officials in these states are refusing to stand up and do what’s right. The American people are demanding justice. When are our elected representatives going to start listening?

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