Swiss Diplomat Who Represented Biden Admin Interests In Iran Found Dead After “Falling” From 17th Floor Balcony In Tehran

( Exclusive) – The Biden crime family is one of the most corrupt families on planet earth. They flew under the radar for so many years because of the left’s control of the establishment and also because Joe Biden was Obama’s Vice President and Obama could do no wrong.

The crimes of the Biden family have been swept under the rug long enough. While the establishment media continues to run defense for Biden and the rest of his family, many news outlets are exposing the truth.

We all know that Joe Biden made millions off of his position as VP under Obama through international business dealings, specifically in Ukraine and China, worked out via his son Hunter Biden but things get a lot darker.

The Biden crime family’s corruption wasn’t just limited to China and Ukraine. New reports are claiming that the Bidens were pocketing billions of dollars in bribes to life sanctions imposed against Iran.

Swiss diplomat Sylvie Brunner, who worked in the US Interests Section, was called to Iran to testify about her knowledge of the American accountants who pocketed this money, and undoubtedly made sure Joe Biden and his family got their cut.

Brunner, the first secretary of the Swiss delegation, was found dead this week, however, after taking a fall from her 17th-floor apartment balcony in Tehran. Isn’t that convenient for the Bidens.

Neighbors have told authorities that they heard a loud explosion late at night before her death. The next morning, Brunner’s body was found in the garden.

Iran International reported that the 51-year-old’s death is still being investigated by authorities who have yet to announce their conclusion.

The Iranian publication went on to explain that for decades, Switzerland has “represented US and Iranian interests in the two countries, which have had no diplomatic relations since 1980.”

The story being told by Iran International and other outlets in the country is that Brunner “fell from the 17th floor where she lived. There is no implication of foul play and certainly no mention of her connection with the Biden regime.

After a cleaner at the apartment building discovered Brunner, her body was “taken to the coroner’s office following an investigation at the scene in the presence of a judge and crime-scene experts.”

An investigation is still reportedly underway though it is unclear if it’s being influenced by the corrupt Biden family or not. The real question is, what did Brunner know that made her such a threat?

The Bidens have come too far to allow some insignificant Swiss diplomat bring them down now. They have their hands in all manner of corrupt affairs around the world and they’re getting away with all of it because they are of the establishment.

Had this happened under Trump, he would have been impeached for the umpteenth time by Democrats.

You’ll likely never even hear about this story outside of conservative news sources.

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