Shameful: National GOP Silent On Historic AZ Audit Where Massive Fraud And Corruption Are Already Being Revealed Daily

( Exclusive) – If only Republicans would unite and stand together in the fight for the truth about the 2020 election, there would be nothing the Democrats could do to stop it.

Unfortunately, the Democrats are being aided and abetted by Republicans, some of them don’t even realize they’re doing it… at least we hope that’s the case.

The election audit going on in Arizona should be all over the news and being discussed by every Republican who values freedom in America. Sadly, it’s being blatantly ignored by many including the entire National Republican Party.

As The Gateway Pundit has pointed out, there is absolutely no mention of this historic audit on the national GOP’s website or Twitter account.

There’s no mention of the fact that nearly 500,000 Maricopa County ballots have been recounted and inspected so far out of the nearly 2.1 million ballots in the county.

They aren’t talking about the fact that auditors have discovered that the County does not possess the necessary passwords to access administrative functions of the election systems.

There isn’t national Republican outrage over the fact that only Dominion seems to have these passwords and they aren’t handing them over.

There’s also no discussion by the GOP over Maricopa County officials refusing to provide access to routers that were requested by the audit staff and that were part of the Arizona Senate’s subpoenas.

Just this week it was revealed that the “entire database directory” for the 2020 presidential election which includes the “Results Tally and Reporting” has been apparently deleted from the voting machines.

The deleted files also included any adjudicated ballots which would show how ballots were being manipulated real time during the election under the guise of errors.

The national GOP doesn’t seem at all concerned with the great lengths the Democrats and Dominion are going to in order to ensure that the audit fails and is not successful.

The Democrats are blatantly manipulating the entire situation by hiding and deleting evidence. If the auditors can never evaluate and inspect the routers, the administrative functions of the system, or the election database then they can’t report any fraud or corruption to the public.

The National Republican Party appears to be perfectly fine with this.

While the national media and the GOP continue to ignore what’s going on in Arizona, auditors are not stopping. They’re already found significant discrepancies between the number of ballots inside a batch and the correlating reports included in the boxes.

They are uncovering the massive widespread fraud the left has vehemently insisted did not exist. They are proving the whole country that what the left has labeled the “big lie” is actually the truth.

Outrageously, the GOP remains silent and complacent.

Despite the major roadblocks being put up by Democrats and Dominion, Arizona state Republicans are examples of what true patriots look and act like. This country needs more Carol Fanns, the Senate Leader, Kelli Wards, the state GOP chairwoman, and Ken Bennett, the former Secretary of State and current audit director.

If these American-loving fighters don’t succeed, we’re all in big trouble. Shame on the national Republican Party for not supporting these brave men and women and fighting for truth alongside them.

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