Censored on Social Media: Tearful Mom Tells Senator How COVID Vaccine Put Daughter In Wheelchair

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – New reports put out by both the Federalist and Infowars have revealed that Twitter has “blocked users from engaging with the post,” referring to the video footage of a mother crying out for help after her daughter was injured by the coronavirus vaccine.

“Twitter censored a video from Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s Monday press conference that depicts a mother discussing her daughter’s adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine,” the report said.

“As of this writing, Twitter has blocked users from engaging with the post. A note under the video says, ‘This tweet is misleading. Find out why health officials consider COVID-19 vaccines safe for most people.’ The link directs to a page that says, ‘Scientists and public health experts say that vaccines are safe for most people,’” the report continued.

When asked what he thought about the video being censored, Sen. Ron Johnson told the Federalist that Big Tech should be trying to use the power it has to inform people about the possibility of suffering dangerous side effects from the COVID vaccine.

“Why can’t Twitter handle the truth? These stories deserve to be seen, heard, and taken seriously,” Johnson went on to say. “We all celebrated the fact that we have a vaccine for COVID-19. The internet could have been a force for good in disseminating useful information between doctors during the pandemic. Instead, Big Tech censors information on early treatment and has now sunk so low that they censor the true stories of sick people who need help.”

“Big Tech continues to arrogantly suppress the free exchange of medical information and lives have been lost as a result,” he then added.

Footage from the event, held in Milwaukee, shows several individuals giving testimony recounting how the coronavirus vaccine left them with possible life-long debilitating health problems.

Dental hygienist Kristi Dobbs gave some very emotional testimony about the issues she has faced since taking the vaccine.

“Immediately after the injection, I felt an odd tingling-type dripping sensation in my arm. I had immediate heart palpitations and a feeling as if I was going to pass out. I’m so sick and my blood pressure reading was so high that I don’t know how I didn’t have a stroke. I cannot quote what it was, but as a hygienist I take blood pressure readings on my patients before I treat them, my adult patients, and it was so high that I was scared in that moment that something was happening to me. I did eventually stabilize. They monitored me for the 15 minutes and then an extra 30 minutes after, and I did stabilize so they went on ahead and sent me home,” she said in her testimony.

“When I got home I felt a little, you know, woozy, a little dizzy. The next couple of days I just had a headache and just kind of that feeling of unwell. All of the things that I had signed up for to get the vaccine, but it was three days later that my symptoms increased and accelerated,” she continued.

“I had a sharp stabbing pain in my scapula area that was just this intermittent, like a knife-stabbing pain. I had tingling and numbness throughout my body. It ran down both my arms. I also still had the heart palpitations. I had these internal vibrations, and the only way I can explain the internal vibrations is it feels like you have this little electric shock running through your body, like you’re stuck in a vibrating chair, like glued into it and it never stops. I have tremors in my hands, which has made me leery if I’ll ever be able to practice as a hygienist again. And like Sheryl, I am so fearful that I may have some sort of neurological issue after this with Parkinson’s; they have ruled out MS, but again they have not told me that I have anything. They can tell me what I don’t have. I have swollen lymph nodes, brain fog, I had brain fog so extreme that I would be having a conversation with someone and I would black out, try to come back to that conversation and nothing was there. Swollen lymph nodes, muscle weakness, unexplained skin rashes,” Dobbs said.

“I had convulsions and nighttime seizures. I had to have my six-year-old daughter wake me up from a fit in the middle of the night. No six-year-old should have to do that for their parent. I have also experienced thick clotting, heavy menstrual cycles. I was so afraid that I literally, and I have it with me, I prepared my will and my obituary for my family because I didn’t think that I would wake up to the next day,” she concluded.

Sen. Johnson then tweeted out the testimonials:

The mainstream media does not want you to hear these stories because they undermine the narrative they are trying to push. The question we need to ask is why they are so desperate to have everyone take the vaccine? Is it really because they want to stop the coronavirus? Or are there political motivations?

Certainly seems like the latter at the moment.

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