Attorney Sidney Powell Chats About The Georgia Audit, Revealing There Was Video Footage Of The Same Ballots Being Scanned Multiple Times And A Whole Lot More

( Exclusive) – On Friday, Henry County, Georgia Chief Judge Brian J. Amero issued an order for Fulton County absentee ballots to be unsealed and inspected by a group of auditors.

According to Gateway Pundit, lawyer Sidney Powell got on social media platform Telegram to create a post about the audit that took place in the state of Georgia.

Since the judge has ordered the audit of 145,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County, it’s critical to take a look back at how the events on November 3, 2020 unfolded.

The total number of ballots adjudicated in Fulton County was over 106,000, which is a huge number. Lots of video footage shows that every single person cleared out of the State Farm Arena on election night, except for four individuals who stayed behind and kept counting ballots in private from sometime around 10:30 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.

This counting allegedly includes scanning the same set of ballots multiple times.

“In GA, Biden received 98% of a 23,487 batch of votes at 12:18 am. The largest and most anomalous vote update happened at 1:34 am on Nov. 4, with 136,155 votes going to Biden and 29,115 votes going to Trump,” GP reports.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to information about the count. Here’s a bit more from several witnesses of what transpired that night.

According to these witnesses there were three boxes that contained 100 percent Biden ballots and an additional three boxes that were 98 percent Biden ballots.

Along with that the ballots that weren’t marked with any sort of writing utensil appeared to be marked with toner. Some of the ballots used different stock or paper than the others ballots used. Many of the ballots were not creased and nine ballot bags were unsecured.

On top of that it’s been claimed that an Open Records Request to examine the ballots while they were in the custody of the Fulton County Elections Board did not respond to in accordance with, but contrary to state law.

“A statistical analysis of 8,954 vote updates, categorized this specific 1:34 am update as one of the top four most anomalous in the country,” GP says.

“There are nine witness affidavits testifying to stacks of unusual mail-in ballots with ‘pristine sheets, no creases, and perfect bubbles’ that went ‘all for Biden,’” the report continues.

Another report from Gateway Pundit details how a mother-daughter team of ballot counters in the city of Atlanta were caught on video committing fraud. The pair stayed behind that evening to count ballots after booting Republicans out of the State Farm Center due to a water main break hoax.

The mother-daughter team was seen passing some kind of object which was roughly the size of a thumb drive between each other in a rather suspicious manner. There is evidence that the mom, Ruby, actually sent the same stack of votes through a tabulator three times. This, of course, is illegal.

As you can see, there’s a lot of individuals involved in the scam to steal the election from former President Donald Trump. They all need to be held accountable for cheating the American people out of their rightful leader.

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