Hunter Biden Admits To Smoking Crack With Former DC Mayor Marion Barry (Audio)

( Exclusive) – The Biden family is a train wreck. Joe Biden is suffering from serious dementia, Hunter Biden has a history of drug abuse, sexual deviance and both he and his father Joe have ties to corrupt foreign entities.

It’s almost as if the left knew they could get away with stealing the 2020 election and tried to find the most dysfunctional, criminal, corrupt candidate with the most out of control kin they could just to prove to Americans that we are really no longer in control.

Every day, it seems, there’s a new story about Hunter Biden and his criminal mischief. Today is no exception.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that they have obtained an audio recording of Hunter talking to a friend about a time when he smoked crack cocaine with a former mayor of Washington DC.

According to the audio obtained by TGP, Hunter Biden tells an unidentified man, “You know what? I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry, I swear to f***ing God.”

He continues giving his friend an account of the incident, “Over in Georgetown he used to go to a place right next to the guards, and I was a sophomore I guess, do you know when that happened? He could come and drink, I mean late-late… and I would go to the bathroom… but anyway.”

Hunter is referring to when he attended Georgetown University after graduating high school in Delaware. He graduated from Georgetown in 1992 but his first drug arrest came before that, when he was only 18.

The Gateway Pundit claims the audio recording came from Naval veteran Jack Maxey, who is also a former co-host of Steve Bannon’s popular War Room podcast. According to their report, Maxey has a hard copy of the recording which has allegedly been confirmed as having once belonged to Hunter Biden and is from his laptop.

Maxey says he’s “just trying to save the country,” and believes that all the dirt on the Bidens “needs to be exposed because this is what these intel guys are covering up to stay in business with the Chinese Communist Party.”

Maxey claims it’s these “intel guys” who are responsible for stealing the 2020 election “with their credentials and a compliant press.” Maxey is referring to John Brennan, James Clapper, Mike Hyden, and other intelligence agency officials.

He also pointed out that these intelligence agencies, like the FBI, had Hunter Biden’s laptop and didn’t just do nothing, they hid it. They hid the contents and manipulated the publics’ perception of the Bidens in the weeks leading up to the election.

They purposefully allowed Biden to spew the lie that the Hunter laptop stories were just “Russia disinformation” or “smear campaigns” even though they knew the truth and they possessed evidence of the truth.

Maxey says, “Biden should have been stopped before the Democrat Primary. Bernie Sanders people got screwed over again. Trump shouldn’t have been impeached, Biden should not have been called the winner of the election, and making these things from the laptop public, back then, would have stopped all of those things from happening.”

At this point, when it comes to Hunter Biden, nothing should surprise us anymore. What’s discouraging, however, is the complete lack of action taken by any government agency to stop the Bidens from being installed as the nation’s “first family.”

Just further proof that the left knew they could get away with stealing the election and they chose to do it with the most awful family they could possibly find to prove their point.

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