Steve Bannon Says Georgia Will Conduct Forensic Audit As Pressure Mounts From State Conservatives

( Exclusive) – War Room host and former Trump advisor Steve Bannon is continuing his coverage on all things election related despite the mainstream media completely blacking out all coverage of the historic progress Republicans are making in fighting back against the fraud and corruption of the 2020 election.

On Friday, Bannon was joined by Georgia radio host John Fredericks who is reporting from the Georgia Republican Convention this weekend.

During the conversation, Bannon discussed his most recent predictions concerning the election audit talks going on in Georgia.

Bannon says that Georgia will conduct a forensic audit just like Arizona despite the best efforts of Democrats and RINO allies in the state to stop the process.

The podcast host also called on Mitch McConnell to put “his shoulder to the wheel” of the Three November Movement.

Bannon said, “what that means is holding audits in all these states. Mitch McConnell right now should not be kowtowing to Chuck Schumer because we’re going to show in Arizona and we’re particularly going to show in Georgia, those are three Republican Senate seats that are coming back to Republicans after you do a full forensic audit!”

Though the audit in Arizona has been underway for weeks and is past the halfway mark, things in Georgia haven’t quite come to fruition yet.

However, The Gateway Pundit is reporting that more than 500 prominent Georgia conservatives are putting the pressure on RINO Governor Brian Kemp to get the ball rolling and launch a forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election in the state.

With all of the controversy surrounding his state and the allegations against him that he’s in on the jig, what is Kemp waiting for?

The calls for a forensic audit come as Georgia Republicans get ready to gather for their annual Georgia Republican State Convention this weekend.

Fredericks told Bannon on Thursday that the number of attendees has doubled this year for the convention. That should come as no surprise to anyone as the fraudulent election has inspired freedom-loving Americans to stand up and get involved.

Incumbent Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Schafer is behind the efforts to see a full forensic audit performed in the state.

The Washington Examiner reported that a letter, signed by 531 Georgia Republicans, was sent to Governor Kemp requesting an “independent forensic audit to take place through the convening of a Special Session.”

“We believe that anyone who has a problem with a statewide forensic audit in Georgia has something to hide,” the letter reads. “Our goals are simple: we want to discover the underlying problems that occurred last year and ensure that we never make those same mistakes again.”

Those that signed the letter include conservatives from all over the state ranging from grassroots activists, to precinct leaders, to delegates to the Georgia GOP Convention.

It’s clear the stolen election is a top issue for Georgia Republicans, if not the number one issue.

It’s time for Governor Kemp to do the right thing by the party he supposedly represents and by the American people residing in his state.

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