AZ Audit Update: Rep. Mark Finchem Reports Six States Have Now Visited Audit – “All States Need To Come Here”

( Exclusive) – Now that the Arizona Senate Republicans were brave enough to stand up and fight the corruption that took place in the 2020 election, it seems other states are stepping up to the plate and looking to the Grand Canyon State for guidance.

A delegation of Pennsylvania lawmakers visited Arizona last week to get a tour of the audit happening at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona and now 5 more states have sent delegations too including Georgia, Alaska, Colorado, Virginia, and Nevada.

The audit “freight train” really is moving full steam ahead and patriots should be getting excited!

On Tuesday, Rep. Mark Finchem shared this latest update on social media, saying, “Update from Arizona: The states that have visited so far are PA, VA, GA, AK, CO. More individuals from GA will be in tomorrow and other states later in the week.”

He also added that they didn’t want to release the names of the states sending delegates until they actually visit so as to avoid any kind of harassment of officials.

Pretty sad that even has to be a consideration in the US. You’d think all Americans would be in favor of election integrity and transparency but apparently that’s very, very far from the truth.

Democrats don’t like the truth.

Finchem went on to say that the “unanimous sentiment” among the state delegations that have visited thus far is that “the trip and time spent was well worth it,” and said that “election integrity is a priority in every community across America.”

He added that “All states need to come here because insecure elections are indeed a national security threat worth fixing.”

While Joe Biden is busy trying to convince Americans that the biggest threats to the US are “white supremacy” and “global warming,” these state officials recognize that in reality, the biggest threat to the US is fraudulent and stolen elections.

Other states are expected to visit and tour the audit at the Coliseum during the week. It even looks like state delegations may need to start booking reservations for their audit tours if the demand keeps up.

States are going to need to act quickly now. The audit is expected to wrap up on June 14th which also happens to be Flag Day as well as President Trump’s birthday.

Hopefully other states will get their own audits rolling sooner than later and any states who miss out on the opportunity to visit Arizona will be able to visit a future audit.

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano told Jenna Ellis on Real America’s Voice that the Keystone State could have their own audit ready to go by July.

If you thought the revelations out of Arizona are explosive, just wait until Pennsylvania starts getting to the bottom of what happened on Election Day 2020.

President Trump somehow lost a nearly 800,000 vote lead to Usurper Joe Biden after election officials in many parts of the state decided to stop counting.

It’s time for the truth to come out, no matter how much the Democrats fight against it.

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