Rep. Devin Nunes Says Ashli Babbitt Shooter Should Be Named, Slams Democrats Over Lack Of Jan. 6 Transparency

( Exclusive) – The Democrats hate transparency. This has become painfully obvious over the course of the last year. The COVID pandemic was fueled by “experts” who supported their story and set of “facts” only, they’re fighting 2020 election audits around the country tooth and nail, and when it comes to the Jan. 6 Capitol “riot” they’re blatantly hiding the truth.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) spoke with Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly on Tuesday about the still unsettled murder of Jan. 6 protester Ashli Babbitt.

As you recall, Babbitt, a US veteran, was inside the Capitol building when she was shot and killed by an unknown Capitol Police officer. Babbitt was not armed and she was not engaged in any kind of violence or activity that threatened the lives of others.

Kelly said Babbitt’s death was “not nearly adequately addressed” and asked Nunes to go into further detail about the current lawsuit filed by Babbitt’s family.

Nunes explained that Babbitt’s family “with any normal circumstance where you have an officer-involved shooting, you have people who go out there and say, ‘Where’s the videotape? Where’s the videotapes? We need to know what officer did this.’” He then said that the Babbitt family is asking “why are we living under a different set of rules?” and said that he agrees with them.

“We should know who the shooter is,” he asserted.

Nunes also brought up the fact that Republicans in Congress have yet to see the video surveillance from Jan. 6 that Democrats apparently possess and refuse to share.

“House Republicans still have not seen the videotapes. There are reportedly 14,000 hours of videotapes from inside the Capitol. Why is that? Why do we not have that? Why do we not have an accounting of the dozens of people who broke the windows versus the people who just walked in openly because the Capitol police let them in?”

The answer is pretty simple: Democrats don’t want to be transparent. They don’t want the truth to come out. If the surveillance videos came out, their entire narrative that the Capitol incident was some violent attempted insurgence will go right out the window.

The only way for Democrats to continue propagating their lies is by actively keeping the truth hidden from not only Republicans but the American people as well.

Nunes further wondered if those arrested and currently being prosecuted in connection with the Capitol riot are having their rights respected.

He asked if they were being held to a “different standard” and whether or not their constitutional rights are being violated and said that one reporter has exposed the fact that those arrested “are not being given their due process.”

That’s because the entire thing is a sham and a charade and everyone with half a brain knows it. The Democrats and their sycophants will never admit it and they’ll never stop using the incident to demonize President Trump and anyone who supports him.

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