BLM Co-Founder and “Marxist” Patrisse Cullors Installs Fencing, Electric Gate Around Her $1.4M Home

( Exclusive) – If Black Lives Matter was ever really about improving black lives then you would think the founders of the organization would be in it until their goals were accomplished. It doesn’t appear that is the case.

Last month, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors stepped down from her role as executive director and is now living the high-life in a wealthy, secluded California neighborhood. 

It looks like black lives only mattered to Cullors until she was able to make a small fortune off them. Now she’s moved on to bigger and better things like a $1.4 million home in Los Angeles. 

Cullors closed on the 2,380 square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath home in March and now she’s putting up a massive fence and electric gate. Despite being a radical leftist, Cullors has no problem putting up a wall around her own property and home. 

Cullors’ finances have been a point of contention for some time now amongst BLM local chapters around the country. While they aren’t receiving any financial support from the organization, Cullors has now purchased four homes for a total of $3.2 million, according to a report by the New York Post

The Post’s report led to the head of BLM Greater New York City, Hawk Newsome, to call for an “independent investigation” into the foundation’s finances despite the fact that Cullors’ BLM and Newsome’s organization are not actually affiliated. 

Nonetheless, BLM activists and supporters around the countries want answers. Millions of Americans have donated to BLM and it appears their money is being used to provide a swanky lifestyle for Cullors rather than fighting for the “social justice” issues they thought they were supporting. 

The reality is pretty obvious, though millions refuse to see it. BLM is a Marxist political organization and they have no actual interest in “equality.” Their entire mission is a facade for the fundamental change they actually want to see in America and they’ve just been using black people for that purpose. 

Cullors has vehemently denied that she used donations meant for Black Lives Matter to make herself rich, calling the allegations “categorically untrue.” 

She insists that she’s become rich from book sales and a YouTube deal and that her fortune has not come in any way from the $90 million in donations received by BLM in 2020 alone. 

Book sales must be through the roof. Cullors is reportedly erecting a fence and electric gate to the tune of $35,000. 

A neighbor of Cullors told the Daily Mail that a subcontractor told him the wooden fence they were erecting around the property and other exterior improvements were in the “$35,000 range.” 

“It will have an electronic gate at the driveway portion, a walk up door, and call box, and other safety measures, cameras – you know, to keep the riff raff out,” the neighbor added.

“Riff raff?” Like less fortunate black people perhaps? 

According to a disclosure released in April, the foundation claims that Cullors had received a total of $120,000 in compensation from 2013 to 2019. 

“As a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, (the foundation) cannot and did not commit any organizational resources toward the purchase of personal property by any employee or volunteer,” the foundation said in a statement. “Any insinuation or assertion to the contrary is categorically false.”

Does anybody actually believe that nonsense? Of course Cullors was siphoning funds from the BLM organization. Just further proof that the entire BLM is nothing more than a charade. 

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