VIDEO: 18 Second Clip Proves Those First Into the Capitol Were Clearly NOT Trump Supporters

( Exclusive) – Democrats have no regard for the truth and they’ve been brainwashing millions of Americans into believing outright lies and disinformation all while claiming those lies and disinformation are actually coming from President Trump and Republicans.

The biggest lies they have managed to tell, aside from those regarding the stolen election, have been about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot which Dems insist was a violent insurrection attempt by Trump supporters fueled by “lies” told by President Trump. 

The actual facts don’t matter to the left and that’s why they’ve been hiding all evidence that proves what actually happened that day. 

One video posted online, however, reveals what may have really happened Jan. 6 at the Capitol. The 18 second video clip shows that some of the first to gain entry into the Capitol were dressed in all black with many individuals wearing tactical combat gear. 

This bizarre attire indicates that these instigators were not likely Trump supporters at all but rather leftist operatives intent on instigating an incident for which Trump and his supporters would be inevitably blamed. 

Both Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists and rioters are the ones who have essentially made a uniform out of all-black attire and combat gear. 

The video shows a number of people jumping through a window, dressed all in black from hoods to shoes. One of these individuals is carrying a bat and they all appear to be together in an organized group. 

According to the Gateway Pundit, “They can say what they want, but there is no way in hell these are Trump supporters. Trump supporters never dressed in black – Antifa always does. These instigators also carried in Confederate flags, something never seen at Trump rallies. These guys were coordinated.”

If you’ve ever been to a Trump rally, you would know firsthand that Trump supporters don’t dress this way or behave this way, for that matter. 

Trump supporters are well-known for dressing in patriotic colors, Trump gear and carrying American and MAGA flags, not bats and tactical gear. 

It’s time for Democrats to release the thousands of hours of real-time footage of the incident but don’t hold your breath. If they did that the truth would be exposed and they would have to admit that they’ve been blatantly lying to our faces the entire time. 

Not only did they lie to Americans, they put President Trump through a second sham impeachment over the Jan. 6 ordeal. The fact that no video footage of the actual “riot” was used as evidence is just further proof of just how corrupt Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats and the DOJ really are. 

As the Gateway Pundit suggests, “These people need to be under investigation for creating a seditious lie in an effort to falsely impeach a President.”

A report by Julie Kelly at American Greatness explains that the system that record events at the Capitol “captured more than 14,000 hours of footage between noon and 8 p.m. on January 6.”

Kelly added that the archive was made available only to two Democratic-controlled congressional committees, the FBI, and the D.C. Metropolitan Police department.

There has been an organized effort amongst these groups to maintain the lies and that includes suppressing the video evidence and only releasing selective clips that appear to support the false narrative. 

Officials have attempted to justify their refusal to release the video surveillance by saying that they fear that releasing the footage could be used by those “who might wish to attack the Capitol again.” 

They know that’s just a load of BS since the ones who “attacked” the Capitol were sent by the very same people who are now hiding the truth. 

“The Biden regime is weaponizing January 6 to hunt down and destroy the lives of people—many of whom committed no violent crimes—anywhere near the building that day. The Justice Department is promising to build sedition cases; Biden’s intelligence chiefs are operating outside their authorization in their effort to portray regular Americans as domestic terrorists,” Kelly went on to say in her report. 

“There’s only one reason why the Justice Department wants to keep the footage under seal: it contradicts most if not all of the claims advanced by Democrats and the media over the past four months,” she wrote.

The real shame is how many millions of Americans have actually bought into the lies and believe that what happened on Jan. 6 was similar to 9/11. Everything since Election Day has been an outright lie. Millions of Americans need to wake up before it’s too late. 

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