Human Trafficking: Planes Carrying Unidentified Children Landing In Tennessee In The Middle Of The Night

( Exclusive) – Middle of the night flights carrying unaccompanied migrant children and teens have been flooding into the state of Tennessee since May.

Flights have been arriving at the Wilson Air Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the dead of night for weeks now, each carrying around 30 to 50 migrant children.

Every time the flights come, the children on board depart wearing matching bags and enter awaiting buses that take the children to various other destinations.

There’s totally no human trafficking going on here, folks. Nothing to see. At least that’s what the Biden regime is saying along with any officials with airlines, the airport and any bussing companies.

The entire operation appears to be shrouded in secrecy as dozens of unaccompanied minors are moved all around the country, with Tennessee being used as some kind of operational epicenter.

The only person providing any information on the operation is an employee with the bus company Coast-to-Coast Tours of East Point, Georgia.

She says that this is the first time the company had been asked to pick up children from Chattanooga and in the past the company has sent drivers to Mobile, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia to transport children.

She was able to confirm that one of the buses in the above video were heading for Miami, Florida while another was going to Dallas, Texas. She also said that the children are not allowed to get off the bus during the trips and that there are always 3 or 4 chaperones present on the bus at all times.

Naturally, no one else has been willing to speak on this operation.

News outlet Channel 3 submitted a request to the Department of Defense for information and a spokesperson directed them to the US Department of Health and Human Services.

“From what I can tell, these were flights facilitated by HHS,” said LTC Chris Mitchell, Department of Defense Spokesperson. “The only support DoD is providing with respect to the unaccompanied minors is land and facilities for HHS to temporarily house them.”

Channel 3 was not able to obtain any comment from HHS.

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn wants to know why there seems to be so much secrecy surrounding this operation.

“Our office has received no information from the Biden Administration informing us of a mass transportation of migrants to Tennessee,” said Blackburn. “It is absolutely unacceptable if the Biden Administration is facilitating a mass migration without any input or oversight from Tennesseans and the affected communities.”

Yet, the flights continue to go on.

Flight records indicate that the flights are coming from Long Beach, California and according to CBS affiliate KCAL, hundreds of children found at the border were being held in a convention center in Long Beach, California.

None of the children being transported to Tennessee are accompanied by parents.

White House mouthpiece, Press Secretary Jen Psaki, finally addressed the ongoing flights of migrant children and what the regime’s plans are.

“Tennessee is a state right in the middle of the country and some kids have to travel through there to get to their destination and we’ve been very clear that our objective is to treat these kids humanely, get them to safe homes especially homes of loved ones and sponsor families.”

Ah, well, since everything is being done in a “humane” way, Americans should just turn and look the other way.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee doesn’t seem convinced that this is just an innocent and humane transportation of migrant children going on.

“When we demanded answers, they cut off transparency & emboldened one of the worst human trafficking crises we’ve seen at our border in the last 20 years,” Gov. Lee said, adding, “I commend Senator Hagerty and Senator Blackburn for calling this out. Tennesseans deserve to know who is coming into our state.”

He further added, “Children being human trafficked across our border into this country and then dispersed across the border is unacceptable. This is a policy of an open border that incentivize the human trafficking of children and it should absolutely be stopped.”

These children are, indeed, being trafficked. It’s beginning in South and Central American countries via dangerous and volatile cartels and is finishing with the US government.

This is a very disturbing development.

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