CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: Joe Biden Not Allowed To Take Questions “Without His Aides Screaming At Him To Stop”

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden has been the most protected president in modern history. Anywhere Biden goes, so go his handlers and they are not about to let Biden go off script, at least not too much anyway.

This has not gone unnoticed by conservative media outlets who plainly report the facts, however, the leftist establishment media outlets have been less than honest when covering Biden. Is anyone surprised?

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny just broke that mold, however, and actually complained about Biden not taking any questions from the press because his handlers, AKA his staffers, won’t allow it.

Throughout Biden’s first 8-day overseas trip, he largely avoided the media as per usual. In three different countries the routine was the same. The press would attempt to ask Biden an impromptu question, his staffers would block it by aggressively yelling at reporters and even shooing them away.

There’s good reason for his staffers to do this though. As a dementia sufferer, Joe Biden can’t think on his feet and may even be prone to a short temper. This was even seen in one instance where he snapped at CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins who attempted to ask him a question as he was departing Geneva.

Zeleny even made note of this incident, pointing out that Biden snapping on reporters is “typical Joe Biden” before going on to praise him for realizing “it was inappropriate.”

In another incident, Biden told reporters he was tired of them asking questions and whined that they never ask any “positive questions” and the typically sycophantic press accepted that and backed off.

Biden said to another reporter who asked if they could inquire about two domestic issues, “I’m not sure I can answer them.”

Apparently, if reporters are asking about anything besides ice cream and what he did over a holiday weekend, it’s not allowed.

CNN’s Zeleny appears to have had enough of Biden’s staffers interfering every time Biden gets asked a question.

“We haven’t seen Joe Biden answer questions without his aides screaming at him to stop. I have never seen a President, covering the last 4 of them, so protected by his aides,” Zeleny said.

While Zeleny might have noted Biden’s staffers’ attempts to shut down questions from reporters, he did it in typical CNN fashion, excusing it by saying that both Biden and the reporters understood that Biden “had a job to do.”

The reality is, however, that this is par for the course for the Biden presidency. It wasn’t just because he was overseas. Biden is never allowed by his handlers to take impromptu questions from reporters and when he does the reason they don’t want him to is painfully obvious.

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