After Biden Announced His Candidacy, China Increased Donations To The Biden Center 400% With $50M In Donations

( Exclusive) – We all know Joe Biden is a shill for the Chinese Communist Party. Nothing he does is for the benefit of the US or the American people but the CCP has been very pleased with the Biden regime thus far.

Biden has, once again, made the US weak again just like his former boss Obama. Instead of focusing on a strong US military, Biden is too busy forcing “inclusion” and “wokeness” on our troops while apologizing to the world for how awful the US is.

Sure sounds a lot like Obama, except worse, if you can believe it.

As if we needed more proof that the CCP was pushing hard for Trump to be defeated one way or another in 2020, it just keeps coming out.

As soon as Biden announced he would be running for president, China upped their donations to the Biden Center by 400%. After his announcement that he was running for president, China graciously donated $50M to the Biden Center.

Then they unleashed COVID-19 on the world but that’s a topic for another article. reported that the Biden Center, which is headquartered at the University of Pennsylvania, saw massive increases in donations from China at the same time Biden declared he was going to run for the nation’s top office.

At the time Biden announced his candidacy, the Biden Center had only been open for around a year, since March 2017.

According to a report from Fox News:

The complaint [from the National Legal & Policy Center] charges that in 2017, out of a total of $7.7 million in donations from China, $500,000 came from anonymous donors. After Biden launched his campaign in 2018, the total jumped to $27.1 million, with anonymous donors giving $15.8 million. And in 2019, Chinese donors gave $26.9 million to the center, $6 million anonymously.

“Academia is awash in Chinese cash,” NLPC Chairman Peter Flaherty told Fox. “It’s time for administrators to start answering questions about it.”

It’s pretty clear from the timing of the huge amounts of money from China that they weren’t interested in the education of future generations but rather access to the Oval Office, like they enjoyed under Obama.

Joe Biden is rewarding those within the Biden Center with high-profile positions within his regime, especially in areas concerning foreign policy.

It’s become pretty clear that the CCP has fully infiltrated the Biden regime. China is without a doubt one of Biden’s handlers. We know he is not his own man and that he does not call the shots.

Now we know China is one of the puppet masters pulling the strings.

The links between Biden and China have become too undeniable. It’s truly a wonder how the leftist mainstream media simply turns a blind eye to this.

According to the rabid left, President Trump was a Russian operative though there was literally never any proof of this whatsoever. There are mounds of proof that Biden is being controlled to one degree or another by Beijing and yet the media remains silent.

China has their hands in many sectors of the United States and that is a truly terrifying thought.

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