Congressman: Members Of Voluntary Military Say They’ll Quit If Vaccines Are Mandated

( Exclusive) – Despite the fact that the COVID-19 vaccines are proving to be a lot more risky and dangerous to Americans’ health than the actual virus, the Biden administration is still pushing them on all of us.

The US all-voluntary Army announced over the weekend that they plan to begin forcing all members to get the vaccine. Of course, there doesn’t seem to be any regard for the adverse effects being reported by military service members like heart issues and chest pain.

Many members of the military branch have said they will quit if vaccines become mandatory.

Fortunately, Republicans in Congress have taken action, led by House Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY). On Saturday, Massie announced that he plans to introduce HR 3860 which will prohibit COVID vaccines from becoming mandatory for members of the US military.

The bill already has 24 co-sponsors.

Army Times reports, “The Army has directed commands to prepare to administer mandatory COVID-19 vaccines as early as Sept. 1, pending full Food and Drug Administration licensure.”

“The directive came from an execute order sent to the force by Department of the Army Headquarters,” the report adds.

The military directive has reportedly been leaked and an update to this directive says that “commands will be prepared to provide a backbrief on service member vaccination status and way ahead for completion once the vaccine is mandated.”

This leaked report has been denied by both the Army and the Department of Defense with both claiming there are no plans to make vaccines mandatory for members of the US Army.

According to Army spokesperson Maj. Jackie Wren, “As a matter of policy we do not comment on leaked documents. The vaccine continues to be voluntary.”

“If we are directed by DoD to change our posture, we are prepared to do so,” Wren added.

Surely it’s only a matter of time before the US Army makes the vaccines mandatory for those serving.

The military, like the general population, is experiencing what leftists call “vaccine hesitancy” which is just a “woke” way of saying that people don’t want to be injected with an experimental drug that is leading to heart issues and chest pains.

In the latest study on the matter published in JAMA’s Cardiology Journal last Tuesday, it was shown that 23 male soldiers between the ages of 20 and 51, of which 22 were deemed “previously healthy,” developed “acute onset of marked chest pain” within four days of receiving their second dose of the vaccine.

Those who sought care for the chest pain in the military healthcare system following their vaccination were diagnosed with “clinical myocarditis” and included in the case study.

Not only are really disturbing reactions such as these occurring but people who have been fully vaccinated are still getting COVID and some are even still being hospitalized and even dying.

It only seems natural that some people might feel a little “hesitant” to line up and get injected with these shots.

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