President Trump DESTROYS Fox News Host Bret Baier — Says AZ Audit Findings Enough To Change Outcome Of The Election

( Exclusive) – Last Thursday, the Arizona Senate held a hearing in order to get the latest updates about the current status of the forensic audit being conducted by the firm known as the Cyber Ninjas. What was revealed during that time is proof positive that there is indeed widespread voter fraud that had a huge impact on the election results.

According to reports from Gateway Pundit, the audit team announced during the hearing that more than 74,000 ballots were received and included in the 2020 election election in Maricopa County than were actually mailed out. Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan discussed this along with several other issues related to their investigation.

Logan noted that 74,243 mail-in ballots were counted in the election without a clear record of having ever been mailed out. There were also ballots counted that were not printed on the proper paper stock and also many others that had been marked with a Sharpie pen that bled through the paper.

State Sen. Wendy Rogers has already called for the electors to be recalled from Biden and for another election to be conducted. President Trump has joined Rogers in that call.

Fox News host Bret Baier went on air and downplayed this explosive new revelation from the Cyber Ninjas team. This, of course, did not sit well with Trump who then released a statement where he tore Baier and others at Fox News for their comments.

“Fox News and other media outlets incorrectly side with the outdated and terrible Maricopa County Election Board to report no fraud found in the Presidential Election. They spew the gross misinformation purposefully put out by the county and the Associated Press, and IGNORE the very important Arizona Senate’s hearing yesterday, which showed 168,000 fraudulent ballots printed on illegal paper (unofficial ballots), 74,000 mail in ballots received that were never mailed (magically appearing ballots), 11,000 voters were added to the voter rolls AFTER the election and still voted, all the access logs to the machines were wiped, and the election server was hacked during the election. They sided with the County and not the brave Arizona Senate who is fighting for the people of Arizona. The same anchor at the desk the night Fox called Arizona for Joe Biden now wants you to believe there was no fraud. The anchor was Bret Baier. Thankfully, Arizona has strong State Senators willing to fight for the truth. Senator Wendy Rogers says “I have heard enough. It’s time to decertify this election.” Senator Kelly Townsend said the fraud was so bad “I want to see indictments.” Senator Sonny Borrelli says “I’ve seen enough evidence to challenge the validity of the certification of the Maricopa County Election results.” Arizona shows Fraud and Voting Irregularities many times more than would be needed to change the outcome of the Election,” the statement read (screen shot here).

“Officials from Cyber Ninjas also said there were 3,981 people who voted who were registered to vote after an Oct. 15 deadline, there were 11,326 people who voted who were not on the rolls on Nov. 7, but were on Dec. 4, and some 18,000 voted, but were removed from the rolls after the election,” a report from WND said.

“As a result, Senate President Karen Fann said the Legislature needs more information from the county to determine exactly what happened in the state, which Joe Biden won by only about 10,000 votes last November,” it continued.

Doug Logan has also made the call for a canvassing program to be carried out asking residents of Arizona about the voting that occurred on November 3.

“Based on the data we’re seeing, I highly recommend we do the canvassing because it’s the one way to know for sure whether the data we’re seeing are real problems,” Logan said.

It’s time that real action be taken to rectify the theft of this election by the Democrats. They’ve been allowed to get away with far too much for far too long.

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