WOW: Fulton County Board Of Commissioners Chairman Calls For ALL Georgia Counties To Undergo Forensic Audit Of Ballots

( Exclusive) – Georgia has been a hotspot for 2020 election fraud allegations and rightfully so. The chicanery that went down on Election Night should be answered for and the entire state is in need of a full forensic audit, just like the one still going on in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Fulton County elections workers were caught red-handed on Election Night sending GOP observers home, claiming there was a water main break and the counting was going to be stopped.

In reality, as soon as the GOP observers were gone, the election workers pulled suitcases of ballots out from under a table and continued counting them. Not only did they continue counting them, they were caught on camera running the same ballots through tabulation machines two, sometimes three, times.

After months of court battles it looks as though Fulton County is finally going to undergo a forensic audit.

That doesn’t seem like enough, however, for Robb Pitts, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman that slammed President Trump over his claims of election fraud in Fulton County Georgia back in January.

Pitts is now on board with the audits and is calling for every county to undergo one, of course, it’s only because he doesn’t think it’s fair for Fulton County to be singled out. He is still very skeptical of any voter fraud allegations.

Last week, Georgia House Speaker David Ralston called for the Georgia Bureau of Investigations to investigate the Fulton County election fraud allegations.

Pitts now appears to be backing this call and, as previously mentioned, asking for the entire state to be investigated. He has completely changed his tune since January when he was vehemently against giving the time of day to election fraud allegations.

However, as CD Media points out. The involvement of the GBI might not be such a good thing. If they are anywhere near as corrupt as the FBI there will surely not be any kind of fair investigation.

There’s no telling how far law enforcement will go to cover up the truth and hinder any actual investigations.

Nonetheless, Pitts has sent a letter to Ralston calling for the investigation into the entire state which we think is a great idea, no matter Pitts’ motives (screen shot here).

In his letter he states, “While Fulton County is the largest county and therefore under the most scrutiny, it is also my understanding that other counties had issues in their elections and finding ballots not included in the initial tabulation. If you are requesting that Fulton County be the subject of such an investigation, then I believe it would only be fair that all counties with issues be subject to investigation.”

Also in his letter he claims that he has been “asking for proof of any allegations of intentional wrongdoing to be brought” to his attention but that “no one has come forward with any evidence of malfeasance whatsoever.”

Of course, a forensic audit would go a long way in uncovering the evidence he has been requesting so it’s a good thing he now seems to support that effort.

We say, give the man what he wants. Let’s see the whole state audited.

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