BOMBSHELL: Cadets Who Left West Point Rather Than Take COVID Vaccine Were Coerced, Abused And Discriminated Against

( Exclusive) – Back in the spring of 2021, a group of West Point Cadets were told by the powers that be in our government, along with various doctors and scientists, that getting the COVID-19 vaccine would be “optional” and wouldn’t negatively impact their time at the institution.

That turned out not to be true. It was a false promise. A new report from Gateway Pundit goes deep into the story of cadets Willow Brown, Hannah McDonald, and Nickaylah Sampson (pictured here) and their infuriating story considering how they’ve been treated for opting not to take the vaccine.

Before they were ordered to sign a document that stated they were disobeying orders, orders that they considered to be unlawful, during the summer and fall of 2021, the three cadets were forced to share a bathroom and living quarters with male cadets due to being put in the ostracized unvaccinated platoon during their summertime training.

It doesn’t end there either. These cadets were then forced to attend a “re-education brief” which was led by vaccinated personnel, who, according to them, denied unvaccinated personnel the opportunity to participate in the panel.

The cadets also stated they were subjected to COVID testing two-times a week at 6 am, whether they were experiencing COVID symptoms or not. Keep in mind that those who are vaccinated can still get the illness and spread it around, but they were not tested.

They were not allowed to leave campus with friends because the radius was restricted compared to that of those who were vaccinated. They were denied a pass for being unvaccinated as well.

“(Nickaylah) Kicked off the women’s rowing team, because it was too high of a risk to participate in physical activities outside, but sitting in class right next to other cadets and eating at mandatory lunches side-by-side was not a problem,” the report revealed.

Teachers made fun of them for making an “unscientific and selfish choice.” They were visibly made to be the “other” while the cadets who took the jabs were allowed to walk around without masks. The unvaccinated were forced to wear masks as a means of identifying their medical status.

“Ostracized and mocked, endured rude comments, pointing, and laughing for being in the “dirty” platoon (a platoon of only unvaccinated/masked cadets) during training. Officers told trainees to stay away from us,” the report continued.

“Had our HIPAA rights violated when my vaccination status was released to the entire freshman class (in which an officer stated that ‘HIPAA isn’t the be all, end all’),” the report added.

The three cadets were also subjected to being treated like this despite it being known that some cadets had an adverse reaction to the vaccine, such as heart problems like myocarditis.

They were also coerced and punished by a medical officer and other individuals who purposefully sought to make their lives a living hell in order to force them to take the vaccine that they knew would violate their conscience.

The USMA vaccine mandate paperwork came down on Sept. 27, 2021. The three cadets were then escorted to the auditorium where they were not allowed to leave the room without signing a document that stated they knew they were disobeying direct orders.

Cadets were then given an opportunity to get the jab, be separated from the others, or apply for a religious/medical exemption. According to these ladies, they were also denied having any sort of legal counsel present at the meeting. No JAGs or other legal advisers were made available to them to chat about what was happening before being forced to sign the document.

“When Hannah raised the point that the FDA-approved vaccine (Pfizer’s Comirnaty) with the proper lot numbers had yet to be distributed in the United States, that the only available vaccines were EUA, and vaccination must be voluntary, she was told that small legal distinction didn’t matter. This issue is important because it makes the mandate order unlawful,” the report stated.

Since this incident occurred, all medical exemptions that plead the case of natural immunity and antibodies have been rejected by West Point, which goes against well established science. As of now, the religious exemptions are still being processed.

“I hope my story can help others stand up in the face of such authoritarianism, even when it means giving up a career I had dreamed of and worked for.” Willow Brown (pictured here), one of the three cadets, went on to say.

“Although I filed a religious exemption, I ultimately decided to separate from West Point. Even if my exemption went through, I could no longer see myself staying in an institution that claims to fight for freedom while using their people as puppets to convince the public to give up their freedoms for a political show. Through all of this, I have learned that this is about choosing the hard earned right over the easier wrong and refusing to settle for a half truth when the whole truth can be won.” Hannah MacDonald stated concerning her situation at West Point.

“Everything I worked so hard to attain ever since high school was gone. The hours I put into studying, building my physical and mental endurance would no longer be towards my goal. Now, after leaving everything I knew, I have to start over. The increasing stress of finding a new school, funding and a career path have hit me like a truck. A choice no longer becomes a choice when someone is backed into a corner. I feel cheated out of my education, my goals and my aspirations. I thank God that I am still young and had nothing to pay back to the Army. I only pray that no one else has to go through what I went through, and that others do not have to endure the unethical, immoral implications and effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.” Nickaylah Sampson (pictured here) said.

“While this has been an incredibly ugly situation that has been handled terribly, we tell our story not to stain the name of West Point, but to raise awareness for the persecution our military is under because of our higher leadership,” the three ladies stated in their story published on GP.

“We do not blame West Point and respect the sacrifices our soldiers have made to protect and defend this country but blame the Biden Administration for ignoring the pleas of thousands of soldiers, Dr. Fauci for shamelessly lying time and again to the public, General Lloyd Austin for his lack of leadership and integrity and the leaders who have the power to make change and stay silent,” they continued.

“We are but one voice, but will use the voice God has given us to fight for justice. Our military has sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and in order to uphold this promise, we had to leave the organization that was keeping us from doing so,” they added.

“As this tyranny continued through the spring of 2021, I began to self-reflect. Did I want to give up the next 10 years of my life to an organization that so openly wanted to demolish my personal will? Could I in good faith serve people who blindly believed in identity politics and fake science? I was so uncomfortable with my situation and the politics unnecessarily injected that I decided to leave West Point.” Willow Brown, who left West Point back in spring of 2021, said in her final comments.

Hannah McDonald (pictured here), who left the academy in October of 2021, concluded by saying, “Even if my vaccine exemption request had been accepted, I left West Point because the Army is no longer an organization that I believe I can serve in. Unfortunately, serving my country and serving in the Army don’t seem to be so similar anymore.”

“I wanted to dedicate my life to protecting the freedoms of American citizens and defending the U.S. Constitution as an officer, but I was having my freedom to choose and my bodily autonomy taken away. The Army I thought I knew had completely betrayed my rights and their doctrine of “the citizen soldier.’” Nickaylah Sampson said in conclusion.

Sampson also left the academy in October of this year.

These true patriots from West Point aren’t the only ones who have traded in their careers for liberty over vaccine mandates.

According to a report from Infowars, dozens of police officers and firefighters working in Seattle, Washington walked into City Hall and turned in their work boots as a means of publicly rejecting the vaccine mandate.

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