“Let’s Go Brandon” Hits The World Series With President Trump In The House

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The #FJB and “Let’s Go Brandon” movements have become Americans’ favorite battle cry. In unison, Americans from coast to coast, in major cities everywhere, at events small and large, are chanting “F*** Joe Biden” and, the hilarious PG version, “Let’s Go Brandon!”

“Let’s Go Brandon!” has made its way to the World Series.

The catchphrase became an alternative to the popular “F*** Joe Biden” chants that were erupting at mass gatherings all across the country after an NBC sycophant reporter attempted damage control during a NASCAR race in which fans were chanting “F*** Joe Biden” in the background.

As she attempted to interview Xfinity Series Race winner at Talladega, Brandon Brown, the crowd in the background chanted away, “F*** Joe Biden!” She quickly acted on her feet and tried to convince the world that the crowd was actually just cheering on the winner, saying, “Let’s Go Brandon!”

America’s favorite chant was born.

The phrase was on full display during the World Series, sprawled on a massive banner that could not be missed during Game 2 on Wednesday night, in Houston.

In Atlanta, on Saturday night during Game 4, President Trump was in attendance and the “Let’s Go Brandon” phenomenon continued on.

Is it any wonder? The Biden regime is an absolute joke and while they are busy destroying our country, Americans feel helpless. Sometimes all we can do is laugh but the #FJB and “Let’s Go Brandon” movements have been about so much more than laughter.

These chants are uniting Americans in a powerful way. Everyone who participates in these chants is really saying, “we see what’s really going on” and “we know the truth.”

It’s a way of saying “we’re all in this together” in a non-covid related way that actually makes sense and hits home. We are all in this giant mess together and it all seems totally out of our control.

The one thing they can’t take away from us, at least not yet, is our ability to publicly voice our opposition for the current regime. These chants are only gaining in popularity and picking up steam.

The Biden regime had better take note. It should concern them to see Americans banding together and expressing their discontent in such a clear way that can’t be ignored.

There’s only so much more we’re going to take.

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