WATCH: ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden Snoozes At Climate Summit

( Exclusive) – Joe Biden showed the world just how much he cares about the issue of climate change on Monday when he fell asleep during the opening of the worldwide climate conference he’s attending in Europe.

He also proved, once again, that President Trump was right. He really is “Sleepy Joe.”

There’s no questioning it. Biden nodded off at the event before an aide had to come over and wake him up. How embarrassing!

The Washington Examiner reported on Biden’s midday nap, saying, “Biden appeared to rest his eyes for a moment before an aide swooped in to speak to him, according to a video posted to Twitter on Monday morning by a Washington Post political reporter.”

Trump had Biden pegged two years again when he first began referring to Biden as “Sleepy Joe.” Take a look at this video showing Trump dragging Biden over his repeated “gaffes” during the 2020 election season:

The mainstream media naturally won’t have a word to say about the president of the US falling asleep while attending a global conference abroad. They never dare to point out the obvious mental issues Biden suffers from. He’s too old to do the job and his obvious dementia certainly isn’t helping anything.

Fox News even handled the story with kiddie gloves, making jokes and treating it like it’s as normal as when grandpa falls asleep at family gatherings.

The outlet reported presidents are “just like us: Social media erupted on Monday when a viral video appeared to show President Biden dozing off during opening speeches at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference.”

The 78-year-old “sat with his arms crossed, appearing to drift in and out of sleep…”

The report even said “that Biden nodding off during the climate conference was the most relatable thing he’s done as president.”

“Can you blame him?” was the comment from Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist.

Rep. Ralph Norman joked, “Sweet dreams, Mr. President.”

Fox News reported, “Biden’s apparent nap came after he was mocked over the weekend for appearing to call on a pre-approved list of reporters after meeting with the press following the G-20 summit in Rome. On Sunday, Biden discussed meeting with other world leaders in Rome to enact climate change initiatives. After his talk, he opened the floor to questions but admitted that he was told to start with the Associated Press.”

Biden is the puppet president. We shouldn’t be surprised he’s sleeping during world conferences. He doesn’t even know where he is or what day it is half the time. He doesn’t care and he doesn’t have to.

He’s told what to say and when to say it by his handlers. Biden needs more than a nap. He needs a nursing home.

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