WOW: No Flights For You While Unvaxxed Illegal Aliens Get Flown All Over The Country

( Exclusive) – The Biden administration has been moving illegal immigrants from the southern border all around the US interior and while they think they’re doing it under the guise of darkness, the reality is, we all see what’s going on and it’s no secret.

One of the biggest problems has been unaccompanied children arriving at the border. These children have been allowed to illegally enter the US and the Biden regime is helping them be “reunited” with their supposed parents or “sponsors” in the US, free of charge.

As if anyone can actually prove who these kids are and who their parents or so-called sponsors are. This is likely why the regime is transporting these illegal alien children around the US in the dead of the night, when they think Americans aren’t looking.

You’d think Biden and the Democrats would want it all over the news so everyone can see how great and wonderful they are for helping these poor, innocent children. Yet, the entire operation is shrouded in darkness and secrecy.

They know that most Americans have a real problem with our country being flooded with illegal immigrants. Not only that but the regime is essentially trafficking children. There is absolutely no way to verify who these children are or who they belong to and the Biden administration is moving them around and releasing them into the care of supposed parents and sponsors.

Nothing shady going on there!

All of this is pretty ironic for an administration that was supposedly going to be transparent and honest with the American people. So far, it’s been anything but. The entire first year of Biden’s regime has been one disaster after another along with countless scandals that have largely been ignored by the sycophantic mainstream media lapdogs.

The current administration, including whoever Biden’s handlers are, behave as if they are above the law. They have run the country as if there is no such thing as the US Constitution. They are purposefully and intentionally destroying America right in front of our eyes and there’s nothing we can do about it.

As 100 Percent Fed Up has pointed out, the people flooding into our country are more actually “illegal invaders.”

The Biden regime mouthpiece, Jen Psaki, has repeatedly insisted that this administration has “restored compassion” and “ethics” to the southern border but, in fact, they have done the opposite.

They have empowered the cartels, put countless children at risk, and invited a massive increase in the amount of illegal drugs coming over the border (which are killing Americans at rapid pace).

The policies put into place by President Trump were moral, compassionate and ethical. They deterred the cartels from running lucrative operations to get desperate migrants across our border. They cut down on the amount of illegal drugs pouring in. Most importantly, they decreased child trafficking which is now at an all-time high.

How is this compassion? How is this moral or ethical?

This entire administration is a sham. Those who are actually pulling the strings, the ones hiding behind the curtain, want to flood the US with illegal immigrants and permanently change this country’s demographics forever.

They’re doing a darn good job.

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