BOMBSHELL! UN Plan To Vax Children Without Parental Consent — This Is Unbelievable

( Exclusive) – A new report from Infowars has revealed that globalist white papers that were published by the United Nations’ World Health Organization back in 2014 provides major details about a very sly and underhanded way to bypass the need for parental consent when it comes to the administration of a vaccine for children who are 6-17.

The document, which is called, “Considerations regarding consent in vaccinating children and adolescents between 6 and 17 years old,” goes on to explain how to handle this specific population group which “may present for vaccination without an accompanying parent or legal guardian.”

The paper then gives a normal description of what “consent” looks like before diving in and describing “assent” as “the process of children’s and adolescents’ participation in the decision-making on vaccination.”

According to the UN’s description (screen shot here) of the term “assent,” “International law provides strong support for children’s rights to participate in decisions about their health and health care, and also in the planning and provision of health services relevant to them and based on their evolving capacity.”

“Next, the globalist organization notes that the average age of adulthood throughout the world is 18-years-old, and that “in the age group 6 to 17 years cannot provide consent to vaccination and so consent is ‘normally’ required from their parent or legal guardian,” the report says.

The paper then continues to make the assumption that the idea of allowing adolescents the right to choose for themselves is one that is catching on.

“In a growing number of countries, the age of consent for medical interventions is set below the age of majority. This allows adolescents to provide consent for specific interventions, such as access to contraceptives or HIV testing. Some countries have fixed the age of consent specifically to allow HPV vaccination at 12 years,” the document says.

The next section of the document talks about what should be done “when children present for vaccination [are] unaccompanied by their parents,” going on to admit, “it is challenging to determine whether parents indeed provided consent.”

The scariest and most troubling section of the white papers comes under part three of a page titled, “Common Approaches for Obtaining Consent for Vaccination.”

“There, health workers are told that ‘implied consent’ is a situation where ‘the physical presence of the child or adolescent, with or without an accompanying parent at the vaccination session, is considered to imply consent,’” the document says.

“The globalist group claims sending notices to parents announcing vaccination clinics will be appearing at schools is sufficient enough to imply consent if the child then appears at the vaccination clinic without the parent,” Infowars says.

The paper then makes the claim that it’s the responsibility of the parent to go out of their way to make sure their children aren’t vaccinated without their knowledge or approval (screen shot here).

“Countries that use implied consent for childhood vaccination, consider the parent bringing the child for vaccination as an expression of informed consent,” the document goes on to say.

Under another section of the document that touches on mandatory vaccination laws and informed consent, the document says, “When mandatory vaccination is established in relevant provisions in law, consent may not be required.”

This section is one that we all need to be aware of, as it is very applicable right now with all of the COVID-19 mandatory vaccination mandates being put in place all over the world.

“Near the end of the 8-page notice, the WHO flat-out tells health care workers to allow children ages 6-17 to decide whether or not they want to be vaccinated, regardless of parental consent,” the report from Infowars says.

“Where parental consent is required, health workers should allow older children and adolescents to provide assent to the vaccination,” it goes on to state (screen shot here).

This should be worrisome for parents here in the United States as the Pfizer vaccine has just been approved for children aged 5-11, so it won’t be long before local governments run by Democrats begin to mandate that kids in this demographic be vaccinated.

No doubt, thanks to these white papers and other left-wing policies, vaccinating kids without parental consent will begin to happen all over America.

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