NJ Election Worker: “I’ll Let You [Non-Citizen/Non-Registered Voter] Fill Out A Ballot Right Now” (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – After all of the shenanigans that happened during the presidential election in November of 2020, it seems most Americans are well aware of the great lengths the Democratic Party will go to in order to cheat, lie, and ultimately steal a victory that will provide them with more worker bees and more political power over the country.

Nothing they do that is shady or underhanded is a surprise at this point. What is surprising is that there are folks who are so brain dead out there in our culture as to think that none of this cheating is actually happening. This is why it’s critical to present every piece of evidence discovered that proves this sort of thing is going on.

A recent story published by Infowars has revealed just such a piece of evidence. Apparently, an election worker in Essex County, New Jersey, was caught on video allowing a non-citizen to fill out a ballot in the extremely close governor’s race.

The footage, captured and published by the fine individuals over at Project Veritas, features an undercover journalist who works for the outlet walking into a polling station wearing a bright safety vest, explaining to a poll worker that he’s from the country of Ireland is in the United States on a work visa, but voted in the presidential election in 2020.

“After he is told he cannot cast a ballot in the governor’s race as a non-registered voter, another poll official claims to ‘remember’ him,” the report notes.

“Remember? We were allowing anyone to come in,” the poll worker goes on to say. After she gets into a little bit of back and forth chit-chat with the other workers, the journalist is then given a ballot.

“I’ll let you completely fill out a ballot now. Whether or not it’s going to count, I don’t know,” one worker says to him, then adding, “Listen, we’ll let you do it.”

“According to New Jersey election laws, a non-citizen cannot vote in an election nor can they register to vote, and providing a ballot to someone not entitled to vote is prohibited. It’s unclear if the ballot in the video was actually counted or was simply a provisional ballot that was later jettisoned,” Infowars reports.

The video published by Project Veritas has been causing quite a bit of controversy in the wake of Murphy’s projected victory over GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli.

“Murphy’s win has been called by the Associated Press (AP), though Ciattarelli’s campaign blasted the call as ‘irresponsible,’ as votes were still being counted and the Republican had been leading the Democrat incumbent for much of the night,” the report continues.

Just before the AP called the race for Murphy, the election in New Jersey was already coming under scrutiny from critics due to the fact that votes had to be adjusted for both of the major party candidates after ballots in Hudson County were counted twice.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, some of the voting machines in the state would not allow voters to cast a ballot for the Republican candidate. Again, the Democratic Party will sink to any low necessary in order to ensure their candidate wins a race. Our nation is being taken over by these folks, which is why it is critical to expose voter fraud wherever possible.

“Two separate videos are being shared on social media where the voter on the voting machine is unable to select the Republican candidate for governor in New Jersey,” the report says, adding, “One video surfaced of an individual who is not able to choose the Republican candidate for governor. The machine prevents this selection from being made.”

Another video has also been found that shows the exact same thing.

It seems the GOP candidate never really had a chance at achieving a win. The left was already steps ahead, waiting to once again use voter fraud to steal an election. Something must be done about this before our nation is totally destroyed.

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