Pfizer CEO: Those Spreading Vaccine ‘Misinformation’ Are ‘Criminals’

( Exclusive) – Despite the fact that the CDC and FDA have moved forward with approving the COVID shots for kids ages 5-11, there were several members of these organizations that expressed concern over whether or not the shots were actually safe.

While they expressed their concerns they ultimately decided that there was no other way forward and that American children would just have to become lab rats in order to see whether the vaccines are safe or not.

In the midst of this so-called “pandemic,” with the actual data and science proving that children are not at any great risk from COVID, these lunatics actually think the “only” way forward is to subject perfectly healthy children to an inoculation that puts them at much greater risk of injury or death than the actual virus does.

To make matters worse, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has asserted that those who are spreading “misinformation” about the vaccines, you know information like vaccine injuries and adverse events, are actually “criminals” who have cost “millions of lives.”

Let that sink in. The man in charge of the company who is pushing potentially dangerous vaccines on healthy children for a virus they are at virtually zero risk from, is calling others who raise these concerns, “criminals.”

I think it’s pretty clear who the real criminals are in this scenario.

Nonetheless, in response to the spread of “fake news” and “conspiracy theories” regarding the vaccines, Bourla said Tuesday on The Atlantic Council’s “Front Page” podcast that those spreading misinformation are the “criminals.”

Atlantic Council CEO Frederick Kempe asked Bourla how he deals with the supposed misinformation, what he believes the “primary source” of it is and “how damaging” he thinks it is.

“I’m afraid it was quite a lot damaging,” Bourla replied. “There was particularly with us we were targeted by a lot of, let’s say, dark organizations that you don’t really know the ownership, you suspect there are some countries behind.”

“We were getting a lot of briefings from CIA, from FBI about attacks that may happen to us, cyber attacks I mean and also about spread of misinformation.”

Bourla did explain that he understands people who are hesitant or afraid of the vaccine, calling these types of people “very good” people but that there is a small group of “professionals” who “circulate on purpose misinformation so that they will mislead those that have concerns.”

“Those people are criminals,” Bourla said. “They’re not bad people. They’re criminals, because they have literally cost millions of lives.”

Naturally, Kempe agreed and asserted that they “should be treated as criminals as well, those who have done that.”

Is Bourla referring to the CDC whistleblower who came out just hours before the CDC approved the Pfizer vaccine for children and alleged that poor practices at a contract research company helping to carry out the third phase of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trial compromised data integrity and patient safety, as a “criminal?”

Was she spreading “misinformation?” Should she be treated like a “criminal?”

Is world-renowned Johns Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon and former HHS Secretary Dr. Ben Carson a “criminal” for asserting that the Biden regime’s push to vaccinate young, healthy children is just a “giant experiment?”

Is that misinformation despite the fact that Dr. Eric Rubin, editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, literally all but said exactly that during an FDA advisory committee meeting?

Rubin said, “We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it,” adding, “That’s just the way it goes.”

That sure sounds an awful lot like he’s admitting that pushing the vaccines on children ages 5-11 is basically a “giant experiment.” Rubin, however, was in favor of this giant experiment so he gets a pass on his concerns.

The only misinformation being spread is coming right from Big Pharma and the federal government. The vaccines have NOT been proven to be safe or effective and healthy children with functioning immune systems do NOT need to get these shots.

Big Pharma and the Biden regime are the real criminals in this entire pandemic charade.

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