Gen. Berger “Steps Down” as Commander of White Hats

Tensions between President Donald J. Trump and Marine Corps General David H. Berger have caused the latter to “step down” his post as commander of the White Hat Partition of the U.S. military, a source in the general’s office said Thursday afternoon.

General Berger, who had helmed the White Hats for two years and orchestrated several Deep Sate arrests, reached his decision ahead of a terse telephone chat with President Trump this afternoon. The general told Trump he appreciated his trust but could no longer effectively lead the White Hat coalition because he felt “out of the loop and in the dark.”

“Mr. President, if you don’t share your moves, it imperils my position. I have taken a significant oath, and kept it. Your reluctance, sir, to keep me appraised of what you plan to do has weakened my station,” Gen. Berger told Trump.

Our source, who spoke to Gen. Berger after the call, shared what Trump conveyed to the general: “I can speak only to what Gen. Berger told me. Trump supposedly told him if he didn’t have faith in the plan, then maybe it was time to let someone else take charge, someone who could do his job without questioning Trump’s motives and methods. General Berger agreed. He said he’d stay on in an advisory capacity and not an engineer.”

Gen. Berger told Trump that both Marine Corps General Eric M. Smith and U.S. Army General Marcus Evans were equally capable of filling his shoes.

“President Trump told Gen. Berger to pick wisely,” our source said.

That’s all we have right now.

Pelosi’ tribunal was still underway as of 2pm est.

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