New Harvard Study Called ‘The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis’ Says There Are Space Aliens Living Under The Earth Or Inside A Moon Base, And They’re Right

Aliens might be living among us, according to a study by Harvard academics called ‘The cryptoterrestrial hypothesis: A case for scientific openness to a concealed earthly explanation for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena’

Our article today, talking about something called ‘The Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis’ which makes the case for space aliens living in the Earth, and/or possibly inside the Moon in an underground base is ‘wild and out there’ as far as this lost world is concerned, but your King James Bible knows all about it and has been talking about these things for the past 4,000 years.

And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” Job 1:7 (KJB)

Your King James Bible is the wildest Book yet written, and talks of things that continue to inspire Hollywood filmmakers, even though they’d never give the credit to God for the great story ideas. Job is the oldest book in human history, and in that first book we read about space aliens in the Third Heaven, called the sons of God, and we see the LORD having a conversation with the prince of Hell, Satan, who says he is going to and fro in the Earth. Hell just happens to be in the ‘heart of the earth’. So in 2024, when scientists staring talking about aliens living in the earth or in the moon, they are about 6,000 years late to the conversation. In the meantime, please check out this great Podcast from our friends at The Soul Trap called ‘Angels, Giants, And Things Under The Earth’, it’ll be a blessing to you!

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Aliens might be living among us disguised as humans — or in a base inside the moon, according to new Harvard study

FROM THE NY POST: A new paper suggests extraterrestrials could also be living underground or in a base inside the Moon. The study by Harvard University’s Human Flourishing program further puts forward the idea that UFOs, or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), may be spaceships visiting their Earth-based alien friends.

The researchers have investigated so-called ‘cryptoterrestrials’.

These could be disguising themselves as humans to fit in, may have come from Earth’s future or might have descended from intelligent dinosaurs. The study was created to offer an alternate “unconventional” explanation for UAP sightings and to hypothesize what they might mean, and “the possibility that UAP may involve forms of non-human intelligence (NHI) that are already present in Earth’s environment in some sense” that exist “alongside us in distinct stealth”.

The paper reads: “The author became increasingly aware of the depth of evidence and theory that also tentatively supports another ultraterrestrial explanation: the “cryptoterrestrial” hypothesis (CTH) – our focus here – which holds that UAP may reflect activities of NHIs concealed here on Earth (e.g., underground) and its environs.”

Four theories on aliens living near humans are investigated

  • The first are human cryptoterrestrials: A technologically advanced ancient human civilization that was largely destroyed long ago (e.g. by flood), but continued to exist in remnant form.
  • The second are hominid or theropod cryptoterrestrials: A technologically advanced non-human civilization consisting of some terrestrial animal which evolved to live in stealth (e.g., underground). The paper suggests these could be an ape-like hominid descendant, or descendants of “unknown, intelligent dinosaurs”.
  • The third cryptoterrestrials are former extraterrestrial or extratempestrial cryptoterrestrials. These would have arrived on Earth from elsewhere in the cosmos or from the human future, respectively, and concealed themselves in stealth, such as in the Moon.
  • The fourth, dubbed CTH 4, are “magical Cryptoterrestrials”: Entities which are less like homegrown aliens and more like “earthbound angels”.

The paper says these relate to the world inhabited by humans in ways that are less technological than magical, giving the examples of “fairies, elves, nymphs”. The academics do conclude that their theories, especially the elves suggestion, might be hard to take by many people.

They add: “The principal weakness of CTH 4, by contrast, is its utter strangeness, particularly for readers schooled to limit themselves to modes of explanation within the bounds of, say, the standard model of physics. READ MORE

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